Trafalgar Stage

3:30 pm

Yuki the Juggler

Yuki is a Japanese Canadian professional juggler based in Vancouver, Canada. Yuki started performing on the streets of Europe in 2007 and then moved on to Africa to train and develop his initial performance style. After moving back to Vancouver, Canada in 2009, he started focusing on collaboration projects, which led him to recognition amongst the juggling community in North America. In 2014, Yuki organized a group of jugglers to produce ‘The New Conformity’ where the show won awards at theatre festivals.

Currently, Yuki ’s co-owned company, Cause & Effect Circus, is in development on a new production in collaboration with Pepper’s Ghost: New Media & Performance Collective funded by the Canada Arts Council. Whilst all of the collaboration projects, Yuki has a few solo achievements including 1st place at East Japan Juggling Jam Session 2013 and awarded the CanSpin: Canadian Juggler of the Year Award in 2015 and in 2019.

Alongside his performance, he has been on the board of organizations such as International Juggling Association, and Madskillz Vancouver Society to help promote the juggling arts. Yuki is also an inspiring trainer where few of his former students has been accepted to circus school such as Ecole de Nationale de Cirque.