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Get ready to groove with the incredible Khatsahlano Street Party music lineup! This year's festival features an eclectic mix of local talent and emerging artists across multiple stages.

Lineup 2024

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Check out the stage schedules for Khatsahlano Street Party! With multiple stages set up along West 4th Avenue, you can catch a diverse lineup of incredible local artists and performers throughout the day. From indie bands and folk singers to DJs and dance acts, there’s something for everyone. Plan your day, and make sure you don't miss your favorite acts! Enjoy the music, the vibe, and the energy of Vancouver's largest free music and arts festival.

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The Spirit of Khatsahlano Photo Contest

Presented by BEAU PHOTO SUPPLIES. Do you have an eye for photography and love Khatsahlano? Show us your best shots from Khatsahlano 2024 and stand a chance to win a free camera from Beau Photo Supplies and other exciting prizes!

Festival Map

Navigate the Khatsahlano Street Party with ease using our detailed festival map! Highlighting all the must-see spots, including multiple music stages, artisan vendors, food trucks, and interactive installations, our map ensures you don't miss any of the action. Grab your copy at the entrance or download it from our website to plan your perfect day at Vancouver's biggest free music and arts festival.

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Lineup 2024

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