Vine Stage

4:00 pm


WAASH — the latest, pop-refining project from Vancouver songwriter Andrew Bishop. “Frozen” is a smooth-streaming, synth-crystalized bop, though it also points to Bishop’s thoughts on some interpersonal strife. When he and co-vocalists Courtney Ewan (Twin River) and Louise Burns began writing, they were taking stock of lopsided relationships, manipulation, the toll of non-stop drama, and knowing when to step away from a bad thing. “Sometimes it’s just easier to deal with life if you’re not fully aware of everything that’s going on,” Bishop suggests of scaling back from a particularly taxing tandem.
“Frozen” is the perfect introduction to WAASH’s forthcoming, electronics-forward take on ‘80s era pop, chill-mode bossa nova, and pastel-print sophisto-pop. Though its songs may speak of a social retreat, it finds Bishop’s pop-craft complemented by friends including Yukon Blonde’s James Younger and Jeff Innes, The Zolas’ Cody Hiles, multi-instrumentalist Mike Rosen (Dead Quiet, Alex Little & the Suspicious Minds), and more. WAASH’s full-length debut is expected to arrive in full in 2024.