Balsam Stage

2:30 pm

Victoria Raskin

Victoria Raskin is a multifaceted Canadian singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and dancer. Emerging with her debut single and music video for “Takin’ Your Heart (Speed It Up),” out on April 12th, 2024, Victoria Raskin serves a unique fusion of jazzy pop and dramatic vocals with an edgy grime. No stranger to the stage, coming from a background in competitive rhythmic gymnastics, classical piano, theatre, and dance, Victoria Raskin draws inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Shakira to name a few and her live performances feature piano playing, singing-dancing in heels, costume transitions, hidden dancers in the audience, immersive theatrical stage moments, and a flair of mystery. Her debut “Takin’ Your Heart (Speed It Up)” music video features a story-driven narrative that tiptoes on the line between reality v.s. imagination as we enter into a world of singing, an entourage of mysterious heels dancers, magical depth, and something that is more than what meets the eye. A symbol of female empowerment. A friendly hand-shake between woman and man. And a touch of humour.