Balsam Stage

4:30 pm

Semi Athletic

Semi Athletic's specialty comes in the form of impressionistic songwriting paired with tasteful production and guitar riffs, otherwise known as "the tone zone". As a Canadian who grew up in Prague that calls Alabama a third home, his output is a synthesis of time spent digging through record crates around the world and working in Muscle Shoals recording studios.

The new album “Try Hard” (May 2023) was self-recorded and produced at Sun Drop Sound. With a refined artistic voice and vision, the album features introspective acoustic songs with twinkling keyboards next to full-out rock songs with playful, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

His music video "Smoke Alarms (Trampoline Dunk Contests)” is nostalgic for middle-school garage bands with amps turned to 10 and deny the existential angst of being twenty-something.

The debut "Fridays I Wear Silk”, recorded at Portside Sound, features cornerstones of the Shoals' music community.

Live performance highlights: three week tour in BC and AB, supporting the release of Try Hard, opening for John Paul White at The Wise Hall and TV appearance on Televize Seznam.