Yew Stage

5:30 pm

Rat Silo

Rat Silo is a group featuring Jim Newton, formerly of seminal Canadian rock band Sons of Freedom. Formed in 2007, Jim recorded the band’s debut album What the Butler Saw in a three-day session with Don Binns on bass (Sons of Freedom, TrailerHawk, Econoline Crush, Art Bergmann), Sean Stubbs on drums (Numb, SNFU, Jakalope, Bif Naked) Finn Manniche (the Jazzmanian Devils, Van Django) on guitar, and Dave Osbourne (5440) on keyboards. Mark Henning produced and engineered.

Their second album, doubleplusungood, was recorded by Rob Handel (The Bad Beers) and mixed by Mark Henning and released in April 2009.

Their third album, The Great Northern Way, was recorded and mixed by Dave Ogilvie at Vancouver’s legendary Mushroom Studios and was released in October 2011.

In 2017, The band regrouped and began creating new material with the addition of Erkan Gencol on loops and noises.

The single, ‘I Sacrifice: A veteran’s lament’ was recorded and mixed by Mike Foster at Blackfish Sound and was released in November 2019.

Rat Silo’s fourth album ‘The World Is Going To End Tomorrow’ was recorded and mixed by Dave “Rave” Ogilvie and Anthony “Fu” Valcic at Hipposonic Studios (formally Little Mountain Studios) and was released in May 2020.

In May and then August of 2022, Rat Silo released two singles "The World Is Going to End Tomorrow" and  'Head on a Stick' from the upcoming album 'Unfortunately...'

The songs for the album were written at various intermittent band rehearsals during the 2020-21 COVID pandemic. The tracks were recorded at Hipposonic Studios, Vancouver, BC in December 2021 by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie and mixed a short time later by Anthony "Fu" Valcic at his home studio in Halfmoon Bay, BC.

'Unfortunately...' - the fifth Rat Silo album - was released November 21st 2022.

Rat Silo are currently releasing singles from their soon to be released 6th CD "Id"