Trafalgar Stage

7:00 pm

Madelyn Read

Although she grew up in Vancouver BC, Madelyn’s heart is in the rural tales of Americana music. This duality of urban and country is ever present in her work, as she pulls inspiration from groups like I’m with Her, Joni Mitchell, and First Aid Kit and blends these sounds with lyrics about growing up in an urban centre.

Praised by Americana UK as “a wonderful example of grafting new perspectives onto folk and country roots,” Madelyn’s debut album Concrete Country was released in May 2023. With haunting vocals and lyrics that are astute and earnest, Concrete Country evokes a nostalgia for the city while exploring the challenges of urban life: gentrification, increasing cost of living, and loneliness. An ode to home that is full of love and frustration, Concrete Country is a striking, thought-provoking, and heart-warming collection for lovers of folk anywhere.