Balsam Stage

5:30 pm

Group Asi Somos

Asi-Somos was established in Vancouver, April 2014. The diverse performers of Asi-Somos, have played/performed regularly, since 1998 in Latin folk groups and choirs for West Coast audiences. The members, Carlos Cortes from Chile (cuatro and bass), Ricardo Ascanio from Venezuela (drums), Tambora Richard Villalobos from Venezuela (drum), Tambora Jose Villaroel from Venezuela (shakers and vocal), Elizabeth Baena from Venezuela (cuatro and vocal), and Norman from Colombia (congas).

Asi-Somos mainly performs songs and music, taken from the vast Venezuelan folk traditions that encompass Spanish, Natives, Caribbean and African influences, providing a style of music that is engaging yet unpredictable and haunting. 

ASI SOMOS (This is us ) is the way we talk, the way we express ourselves, is the way we sing and the way we are.

ASI SOMOS represents and perform music from every corner of Venezuela, and with our audiences we travel together and thru our music we give and share a little bit of our culture.