Maple Stage

12:00 pm

Devon More

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and genre-bending performance artist Devon More makes art rock songs featuring infectious melodies, insightful lyrics, and hints of symphony. Her solo album, Sky Is Falling, arrived earlier this year on the unlikeliest of days (February 29th).  

Musing on wanderlust, revolution, and love, Devon’s signature songs draw from her own unique life experience as a globetrotter, polyglot, and Traumatic Brain Injury survivor.  Her cabaret-styled live shows earned critical acclaim across Canada for Devon's artful storytelling and lush layering of hypnotic live-looped soundscapes with electric guitar, flute, and a curious arsenal of noisemakers.

A classically-trained flautist since age 6, Devon studied theatre before honing her artistic priorities and riot grrrl politics during four transformative punk rock years in Berlin, Germany. Devon now lives on the traditional, ancestral, stolen territory of Coast Salish First Nations in Vancouver, BC.